Welcome to the new, free sexual health and contraception service for Blackburn with Darwen, provided by Brook.

We offer a wide range of confidential services including STI testing, treatment, contraception (including long-acting and emergency), pregnancy testing, and specialist young people’s services.

If you are over 16 years old and a Blackburn with Darwen resident, most of your sexual health needs can be taken care of via SH:24.

Order contraception online

Order a home STI test kit online

For anything urgent, such as if you need PEP or emergency contraception, please still get in touch to book an appointment.

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I've had unprotected sex

Unprotected sex refers to any form of sexual contact where a barrier method of contraception (such as a condom or female/internal condom) has not been used or has failed.

This includes:

  • Vaginal sex (penis-in-vagina sex)
  • Oral sex
  • Anal sex
  • Fingering or hand jobs

If you have had unprotected sex, you may be at risk of STIs. Remember - not all STIs have symptoms.

Find out how to get an STI test

You may also be thinking about emergency contraception and unplanned pregnancy. If so, we can help.

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I'm worried I have an STI

Don’t panic, most infections are easily treated and getting tested is free and confidential.

If you are showing symptoms of an STI, you should visit a sexual health service as soon as possible so we can provide you with a test and treatment.

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If you don’t have any symptoms but have had unprotected sex, don’t wait and hope for the best, have an STI test as soon as you can – it’s the only way you can be sure.

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Visit a clinic

I think I'm pregnant

If you’ve had unprotected sex or your method failed (e.g. missed pill or a split condom) you may be able to prevent pregnancy by using emergency contraception within the first five days.

The sooner you access emergency contraception, the more effective it will be.

If you are pregnant and it is not planned, we can support you with whatever you need. We are here to listen, answer any questions and give you lots of information and support to help with a decision that feels right for you.

Find out more about emergency contraception

Find out more about pregnancy testing and choices

Where can I get contraception?

Contraception is available FREE for all ages from our sexual health and contraception services.

You can also get some types of contraception from GP surgeries.

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If you are 16 or over, you may also be able to order the contraceptive pill online from SH:24 and receive it directly to your home. This service is free.

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Can I get free condoms?

Anyone in Blackburn with Darwen aged 13-25 can access free condoms and lube using the Condom Distribution Service.

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